Monday, November 10, 2008

Late Halloween & election fun

My Halloween and election week in pictures. Halloween night I spent drinking heavily (unfortunately) at the Record Bar watching some of KC's best musicians play Pink Floyds "the Wall" in it's entirety. I don't normally drink much, or hard alcohol anymore but somehow I got it in my head that drinking Gin & Tonic's would be a good thing. That led me to compete in a costume contest (I took 2nd place but ONLY because I was drunk enough to show the audience my frilly underwear), unfortunately the prize I won was a $50 bar tab which had to be used that night, which meant I spent Saturday in bed interrupted only by trips to the bathroom to puke.
I rallied in time to put the costume back on and go to 2 different parties that night, but I was designated driver and Death (aka my husband) did the drinking for us. The first party we went to served Death some absinthe they had smuggled in from the Czech Republic, I had a few sips but my scientific opinion was.....EWWWW!
Sunday I felt good enough to sweat out some toxins on the trails.. I swear I could smell alcohol coming out my pores!
Tuesday evening was spent at Davey's Uptown, hoping for the best with friends, food and lots of happy tears.


Kim said...

You are too cute!!

David Ray said...

Nice socks!

Timothy Chen Allen said...

Great pictures! Hey, write something again, soon! I was used to a steady diet of your posts. Take care.