Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've spent the last week sitting on my butt tending to my blisters and eating pretty much every thing in sight. My husband learned quickly not to leave any food lying around unattended! I felt great from the ankles up, but my feet were blistered and swollen for about 4 days, so easy dog walks were about the most exercise I got (and trips to the fridge). I also drank a goodly amount of beer which contributed to my recovery, and I'm sure I put on a few pounds this week but I don't care!!
Saturday I spent the day volunteering at the Psycho Wyco Trail Race. I had a great time hanging out at the Wyco Triangle Aid Station filling bottles, handing out food, ringing a cowbell and yelling myself hoarse. It felt great to give a little bit back in the form of help and encouragement. I love dealing with happy trail runners! Our station was voted as the most nosiest which isn't too surprising with my big mouth around, I've never been accused of being quiet. Psycho Wyco is a super fun but hard race that deceives many people... there are some ridiculous hills at this park.. you'll never say Kansas is flat after this race. We also have a special brand of mud that was out in full force for this years race. It's a 10.35 mile loop and there was a 10 mile race, 20 mile and 50K all going on at the same time. The 10 mile people got away pretty easy, as most of the mud was still frozen first thing in the morning, but by the time the sun had come up and 250 runners had trampled through once, it was super sloppy, slippy going. We witnessed some spectacular falls and impressive mud decorations.

Last year this race was my first 20 miler and I had so very much fun, but honestly this year I was very happy to be behind the aid station. There was a dead raccoon on part of the course and I had to hike over and get Dick Ross our wonderful photographer to get a shot of me with it, It's kinda hard to see but my foot is on the poor things carcass... I title this one.. Yeah, I kicked the crap out of Rocky Raccoon. (notice I'm wearing both my sweatshirt and belt buckle from RR)

Monday I went for my first run, I thought I would do an easy 9 miles and be fine. HA! Sometimes I crack myself up.... my legs were VERY tired and I found myself panting like I was running sprints. Yeah, guess I'm nowhere near recovered! So instead I ran 4.5 miles and then walked another 2.5 at a pretty brisk pace. I'll just keep taking it easy until I feel good again, I'm not starting another big training cycle for awhile anyway. Next week however, I'm going to start a lifting program, I'd love to do crossfit but I can't afford the $250 a month that our local crossfit gym charges so I'll just steal some of their workouts to do on my own.


Sau said...

That dead raccoon is insane! I thought it was a log your foot was on. Was the raccoon on the actual course, or was it off a bit? Either way, that's crazy!

Glad to see you cheering us on Saturday. Thank you for that. I'll be sure to return the favor multiple times in your quest for another 100.


David Ray said...

Oh, it's a raccoon! Another classic shot. You know, maybe you shoulda had a hat made. That would be showing him who's boss.

Or just the tail swinging from the car antenna. If cars still had antennas anyway.

Volunteering all day *might* have something to do with the tired legs. You think?

IHateToast said...

really? last year was 20? you've kicked it.

how do you know that the raccoon didn't just faint from the looks of your blisters?

Lee said...

Please stop killing raccoons! Texas was enough, let it go...

Louis Hayes said...

I have two programs on my blog that are heavily CF-inspired. Feel free to grab them! The "Prison WOs" have become a real favorite around here. One program is bodyweight-only, and the other is with a single kettlebell or dumbbell.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. I'll take any extra help I can get.