Sunday, March 15, 2009

Frustrating Weekend

I really hate when a weekend of running goes all to hell. I usually have Fridays off so I try and plan that day for my really long run. This Friday I had planned on a 30 miler, the weather was supposed to be in the upper 40s and sunny, but when I hit the Clinton Lake trails the mud was ridiculous. I briefly thought about turning around and hitting the River Trails instead, but the thought of doing 30 on those had me bored to tears already. I also figured that after the first few miles things would get better and I was kinda right, after the first 5 miles things were a bit better.. like just muddy, shoe caking mud as opposed to rivers of flowing mud & bogs. I just kept slogging along, walking the worst of it, and running the higher sections that were dry. After a few hours of this I decided that there was NO WAY I was going to bang out 30 today, so I cut it to 20 and called it a day. I did see some coyotes run across the trail at one point and I was seriously bummed I didn't have my camera phone handy.
The best part of the day was wearing my new Moeben sleeves in giraffe print, it was the perfect temperature for them, when the sun was un- shadowed and I was moving quickly I just pulled them down a bit and when I was slogging through mud puddles I yanked 'em back up. I foresee wearing these A LOT! Shannon was nice enough to send me a big box of sleeves to try out after I talked to her at Rocky Raccoon, and she also included 1 of her new running skirts which I am really excited to try.. if only the weather would co-operate! I am going to be VERY bright on the trails this year, I have bright tiedye, giraffe, cheetah, bright pink, white, and graffiti prints..... if I ever get lost just tell the rescue helicopter to look for the bright spots of colour.
Saturday morning I woke up at 5 to meet up with the usual group run at Clinton Lake again, I figured on getting in 20 again even with the horrid mud. But when I woke up my husband to tell him I was leaving and I would be in to work at 4, he was sick, sick, sick, so I bagged the run and told him I would work all day so he could just sleep and get better. So I spent 12 hours on my feet, not exactly the kind of feet time I had planned but it was totally worth it to let Erik sleep and heal.
Normally Sunday is my day off from running, it is also the only day of the week Erik and I have off together so instead of running, he and I and the dog and some friends usually go for a hike and then we spend the day together. This morning the hike was canceled since Erik was still sick and in bed, so I took got up early to get in a run instead. I was avoiding Clinton so instead I went to the River Trails planning on 20. My guts and legs had something else planned. I haven't had such an awful run in months and months. My guts were all screwed up and I had to keep wandering off into the bushes and my legs were NOT interested in moving... literally at times I would find myself just slowing to a walk for no reason. I would zone off for a moment and bam! I was walking again. It just sucked. I got to see a bunch of deer and a HUGE hawk of some sort, I swear when he took flight his wingspan was as big as me! I cut the run short at 8 miles and headed home in misery. At least my during the week training went well this week!! Oh well, I'll just shoot for 30 next Friday, and hope we will get NO rain (or snow) between now and then. On a happy note, I did wear my Drymax socks and have NO blisters to report, but I'm still waiting to really test them with a long run. They were very comfortable and I didn't find myself thinking about my feet as I sometimes do during a run so that's a hopeful sign.


David Ray said...

Tough weekend. Bad runs come and go but a sick hubbie is the worst. Hope he feels better today!

Looking forward to pics with the Moebens. I'm wanting some of those myself.

laurie said...

I feel you on the bad running week. I can't figure out what's wrong with me either. Just slow and tired.

Mountain Mud Babe said...

Well, at least I'm not the only sluggish runner this week... We'll make up for it Friday!!