Monday, April 6, 2009

crazy busy

Last week was one of the crazy ones.. every once in a while I get a week where it seems like I don't sit down and this was once of them. At least training has been going well, on Wednesday I went for a 20 mile run with Christy at Clinton Lake. In hindsight, not one of my smartest moves.. I knew I was running a marathon at Rockin K on Saturday, but I figured since I was only using it as a training run, I wouldn't bother to taper or even slightly rest for it. (stoopid, stoopid) Christy and I had a great time, it was nice weather and the trails were only mildly muddy.

As we were running along we were discussing the fact that it was April Fools Day and one of us came up with the idea of making some prank phone calls while out on the run. Somehow in the haze of endorphins this seemed like the BEST IDEA EVER! So when we got to the 10 mile turn around we called one of our running friends, Gary. Now as a bit of background, Gary is notorious for playing awful pranks on his poor wife on April Fools Day, so we figured we'd test things out on him and try and get some revenge for poor Karen. I called his work number and commenced with hysteria when he picked up.. I told him that Christy had fallen and blown out her knee and she couldn't walk, I couldn't get her off the trails and I didn't know what to do. Gary remained very calm, telling me to call 911 and get an ambulance out, and when I continued to be hysterical, offered to jump in his car and come get us. At that point we revealed the joke and thanked him for his willingness to come rescue us! It's nice to know that if there really was a problem I have friends to rely on! Gary took it in good grace and we told him it was our revenge for Karen.. we then called Karen and told her what we had done. She was very appreciative that someone had FINALLY gotten him! Buoyed by our success with Gary, we moved on to my husband... Christy called and told him I had fallen and there was bone showing and I was refusing to go to the hospital. I couldn't hold out long when she handed the phone to me and I let the cat out of the bag real quick. Let's just say that he wasn't as amused as Gary... and rightfully so! That wasn't enough so we did the same thing to Christy's boy friend and unfortunately I talked a bit too long while spinning my yarn.. long enough that he was able to leave the gym where he was working out and get in his car to head to Lawrence. He wasn't very amused either when the joke was revealed. Needless to say we both felt really bad for putting some really great guys through that trauma. Next year I'll just do the fake crap on the pillow trick.

Anyway the run went great, it took us a bit longer then usual because we spent so much time talking on the phone instead of running! As we were a mile from the cars we ran into the usual Wednesday night group run including poor Gary so we got to give him a hug and apologize in person. He then tried to talk us into playing a prank on Karen. The man is incorrigible!! Kristen turned around and ran back with us to the cars and we got a chance to hear all about her new lab puppy.. which meant there was much squealing on the trails. She can't wait till the puppy is old enough to run with!

Thursday afternoon I spent at the gym with my friend Angela learning how to use the rowing machine properly. Angela rowed for Sarah Lawrence so I figured if anyone could show me how to get the most out of the machine it was her! I have found that I don't really like spending much time in the weight room so rowing a few times a week will work my core and arms and legs in addition to giving me a cardio workout too. I can go to the gym at 6 am, get in an hour of rowing and still run in the evenings. Done right, that machine is an ass kicker! After Angela schooled me good, we went to help her wife (Mac) hang up her paintings for an art opening on Saturday... I got to use a cute 5 lb sledgehammer to drive nails into brick... I LOVE playing with power tools and big hammers!!

Friday night was First Fridays in the Crossroads Art District and Angela and my friend Slimm combined forces and had an amazing exhibition of rock photography. They are both incredibly talented and it was fascinating to see some of the same bands shot by each of them. It was a big ol' party and lots of my favorite people were there and then my favorite band played... The Gaslights have the sexiest bass player ever! (and lucky for me, I get to wake up next to him every morning! woot!) The Gaslights put on an amazing show.. some new songs, some old favorites and 2 covers... you've never heard "Money Changes Everything" by Cyndi Lauper until you've heard it sung by Abby... it'll blow your hair right off and break your heart at the same time. And one of the most exciting parts of the night came when Mac talked Michelle, the owner of Davey's into booking our band for a show in August! Our very first one!!! YAY! Happiness and total terror all at the same time. I had to scoot home as early as possible so I could get up at 2:30 am and drive 3.5 hours to Kanopolis State Park to race (race report coming soon).

Saturday I got up at 2:30, drove 3.5 hours, did the race thing, slurped down a few bowls of vegan black bean soup and raced 3.5 hours back to Kansas City, jumped in the shower and got ready for another evening of chaos. First off we headed to Mac's art opening at the Brick.. she paints these huge canvases... all abstract, gorgeous with soothing colours. She has 3 of them I could see on my walls. Unfortunately we couldn't stay for long because we had to be our friend Louise's 40th birthday party at 7:30. Off we went to Lenexa, had a few beers, a lot of laughs and a great time and had to scoot out of there a bit before 9 to make it to Czar Bar where the Gaslights were playing again. Another fun evening with lots of great people, amazing music and a beer or 2. By the time the show had wrapped up, I was dead on my feet. I had been up for 23 hours, driven 7 hours, run a marathon, and stood around in high heels all night. Put a fork in me, I was done. I managed to roll into bed at exactly the same time I had gotten out that morning.
Needless to say I spent most of Sunday sleeping in and napping and then napping some more. I also spent some time playing my bass... terror is a great motivator! I had a great weekend but I'm really glad every weekend isn't like that.. I'm too old for it!


Kim said...

Holy Hell! You SO had a busy week. How you even kept your eyes open or kept standing-I have no idea!

That's awesome about your band getting booked!!

Your hair is TOO cute!

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

Big thanks for the wishes of confidence and luck!

I started my ultrarunning career with a visit to the emergency department, a month after doing the same another visit after my first ironman-distance triathlon. My then fiancee was living hundreds of miles away, and the phone calls from both ED stays made her very upset. It took more than a year to prove to her I could do this stuff. So no medical pranks from me!

Make sure you don't actually get hurt on April 1st in the future....

Anonymous said...

Life is an ultra... at least the way YOU do it!