Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rock -n Roll

This was a darn busy weekend! It started with working on Friday night which I normally don't do, but sometimes schedules get screwed up. After I got off work I had to drive super quick to downtown KC, Mo to catch DH's band at the Crosstown Station. I had forgotten it was First Friday so I had to do some detouring around the crowds of people in the streets. Made it just a few minutes before they went on.... and they were so great, as usual. This band he has playing with him is so freakin' talented and they mesh so well together, it's amazing to watch and hear. It was a Donkey Show which means games and silly costumes. I participated in a hula hoop contest and lost to Maiden Hell a KC Roller Warrior babe, so at least I lost out to a superstar! We left around 12:30 since I had to get up and make it out to Lawrence by 7:15 am to run. Let me add that the Crosstown Station is a gorgeous venue, but charging $5 for draft Boulevard beer sucks ass and charging $1.50 for water sucks even more. I doubt I'll go back.

We ran the Sandrat Trails Saturday morning, Sophia, Bad Ben,Sarah & I. There are no bathrooms at the trail head so I had to pee in the bushes and ended up peeing on an earthworm... poor little guy. Seeing him was one more reminder that spring is here (kinda). These trails are just sandy, easy rollers.. no technical rocks or hills. Ben says it's like being on a roller coaster on your feet. It was a much faster run then usual... and I brought up the rear. I really have done no speed work at all so I'm not surprised to be hanging off the back. It was fun doing another trail system but I really prefer a more technical course.. give me something to have to concentrate on (even when I fall)! We did a quick 8. something miles and then went to Mirth for some breakfast. I love their fruit plate and they have no problem taking any non-vegan stuff off the salads.
After breakfast, I raced back to KC, showered and went to pick up our Brew to Brew packets at Gary Gribbles, then a quick trip to Whole Foods and then to work for a couple of hours since DH had to get to rehersal for a band he's sitting in on bass for. After work I went home, changed into some finery and went to the Screenland for the Pitch's Artopia, where DH was playing a short solo acoustic set. He was wonderful and I got to hang out with my friend Kaite and saw Travis & his wife Molly (Travis is the wonderful artist who did our Brew to Brew shirt design). After DH played we popped up to the Bluebird Bistro for a quick dinner and then home to get sleep.

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