Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tour de downtown KC, MO

Due to crappy weather, the scheduled trail run out at Kill Creek Park had to be canceled (if it's too muddy they close the trails) so Ben led us on an urban run of downtown KC, MO. He took us up and down some alleys to show us some amazing graffiti. I'm going to have to go back with my camera and get some shots... I've been up and down those streets but never ducked down the alleys. I've certainly been missing out! It was a lot of fun, both Ben & Raul know a ton of KC history so it was a running historical tour. I would pay money to do tours like that in cities... I love old and interesting architecture. We looped all over downtown, to the City Market and up to the Westside. The coffee smells from the Folgers plant were so amazing, I may not drink coffee anymore, but damn it still smells enticing. I'm kicking myself for not bringing my camera... I really, really need a smaller lighter one to carry! Did a hair over 7 miles at a nice easy pace. It was in the 30's and WINDY and as we finished up, snowflakes started falling from the sky... nothing that would stick, but not a sight I wanted to see on April 12.
After the run we went to the Bluebird Bistro for breakfast... happy dance!! It was early enough that husband was able to join us... he had to eat really quick but I think he enjoyed himself anyway. It was nice to have him there..bringing 2 areas of my life together. In conversation, it came up that Raul had run Western States in 1980 too, which was the first year dad ran it and I was there "helping" crew. Crazy, small running world. It was always a joke growing up that I couldn't get away with anything 'cuz dad knew everyone in town...I grow up, move to another state and I still can't get away from connections.


Kim said...

What a neat idea since you couldn't get out on the trails.

Kim said...

And...I have to say everytime I see your signature it makes me want Strawberry Hill Povitica. Mmm...Thank goodness for running or I would be a big blob of yummy food!