Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Amazon is recommending books for me based on my browsing history.. and the book they just recommended is "Run Less Run Faster". Why the hell would you want to run less???? I love running, I want to run MORE!! Is this kinda like popping a pill to lose weight? Are there people out there that don't like running but do it anyway?? Why do it then?


Anonymous said...

i am hoping it would be a book for those who are finding l.d. running too hard on joints. or who like speed. if you're running faster, you're not cheating. if i couldn't run full or half marys, then i'd focus on running 10 km faster. that actually seems harder. my book would be "enjoy being damn slow".

now, if the book was about running less often, that would sound suss. i wonder about gmail's links when i open posts. what words do they cling to? makes you wonder.

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

Good point! I took it as running less often like 3 days a week instead of 6. Maybe I'm just jealous since I have only 1 speed.. Slow!

And every time I open g-mail it wants to cure me of runners diareaha.. what does that say about my emails?

Anonymous said...

I'm the demographic for that book. I'd rather run like a maniac for two miles than go slower for five. It's more fun!

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

But the longer I run the bigger high I get!

Michelle J said...

I'd rather run 5 miles at any pace possible! Fast or slow, to me it doesn't matter as long as i'm out there! Someday more distance of course!!!