Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So next Sunday August 10th is the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 5K run. My friend Travis, who did the wonderful Mud Babes design asked me to be on his team in memory of his mom, Cindy, who died in 1994. I'm hoping that all of my wonderful imaginary and real life friends will find it in their hearts to donate a small (or large) bit of money to help with breast cancer research. If you are so inclined you can donate here.

I've been very lucky up to this point to not have been touched by breast cancer... it's not in my family nor have I personally known anyone who has had it, so I've been rather blase about it. I've never had a mammogram done nor do I do the monthly breast exams.. hell I only see a Dr. once every 6 years or so. Stupid , silly me. So when my friend Abby was diagnosed with b.c just last week, it scared the shit out of me. So I've promised myself to take better care of myself.. IE: I will do monthly self exams, and even though I don't have health insurance I will find the money to get yearly checkups and I will stop thinking of myself as invincible. How about you?


Anonymous said...

i think "save the boobies" would be a great name for a run. it would get the laziest men out. if everything woman related is pink (nothing like gender stereotyping for adults), it becomes just a woman thing. i think "save the boobies" would double the attendance.

and we could have a series. lance can help promote "save me balls!" and "save my ass" for colon cancer. humour is the best medicine, but never used by race organisers (other than the triks skirt chasers).

people can talk about slang terms better than official ones, because official sounds too scary to face.

odd that we do all this running (or whatever) but forget the self breast exams, which are easy.

come to australia. get health ins!

Danny Miller said...

I too will be running for boobies.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I am busy that day, but I always have boobies on my mind, and have been a big boobie supporter for most of my life. Does that count for anything?

David Ray said...

It's hard to think anybody is invincible in this heat we've got going on.

Way to be the proactive one and run for a cause.

Save the boobyies indeed.

Greg said...

nice blog, love the title!

Rhonda said...

Good luck with the race and raising money for boobies!! I will be out of town trying to avoid redneck rampage at the Niangua River Festial or I would join you.

sophia said...

You're awesome for doing this.. I called us a "booble of babes," when we were out running without you on Saturday ..

I muddy miss ya!

Cynical Mud Babe said...

Thanks to all the boobie savers.. I'm totally blown away by how many men donated money to save the boobies... you'd think there was something in it for them :) (tee hee!)