Friday, July 18, 2008


Happy Dance!! I got into the Heartland 50 miler before it filled up! Whoo-Hoo!! Now I got lots and lots of training to do! (big huge gulp)


Christy said...


You know I'm there, baby! And I'll pace you if you want - otherwise, you've got a fully dedicated crew!

That rocks, I'm so glad you got in!

Kim said...

WOW! inspire me! You've done so many 'firsts' this year. That will be great.

Debbie said...

Hoory you got in! I'll be there for if you need another pacer my friend!

Debbie W.

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

Thanks guys!
Debbie & Christy- be careful waht you guys offer.. I just may take you up on it!!

Anonymous said...

i bet you got in. i'm sure they have seen you hissing at critters. you scare them.

see? i can reference future posts in a past comment. oooh, me so spooky.