Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm back!!

I have been horribly lax about updating this thing over the last 2 weeks... but I have a plethora of excuses. Wanna hear them? Well tough shit.. you're getting them anyway! Mostly I have been trying to actually read books more than be on the computer.. I love books and have been terrible about just sitting down and reading lately so I've been trying to switch technology off and enjoy myself in "old-fashioned" ways. I have also been running more and working on my house, and just being outside enjoying the really nice weather we've had. So there, now you know, thanks to everyone that contacted me wondering what was going on.. it's nice to know I was missed!

So this post will have to sum up the last couple of weeks... On June 21st I did the Intro to Summer 5K out at Wyco park and had a fabulous was an absolute miracle of a course with NO MUD (!!!) and very little hills to speak of. So unlike Wyco Park. This was a Trail Nerd event and Bad Ben surprised us girls with Mud Babe t-shirts that he had printed up. They are so freaking cool! It was a fast, fun race and Sophia & I sprinted it out for 6th and 7th place females. After the race we did another loop of the course and then did some trail work for the upcoming Psycho Psummer race.

I went and checked out Shakespeare in the park twice, it's such an enjoyable way to spend a summer evening. They are doing Othello this year and it's free! I highly recommend checking it out.. bring your own beer and food and enjoy some great acting. Husband and I's favorite line from the play is "Alas! I die", so we've been running around quoting that a ridiculous amount. No beer in the house? "Alas, I die" is the perfect way to sum up the situation.

Last Saturday was Sophia Mud Babes birthday run out at Clinton Lake... a whole bunch of people turned up and we had a great run capped off with a party in the parking lot. We had watermelon with birthday candles, Gary brought champagne and James brought homemade lemoncello. Needless to say after a 20 mile run, a small cup of alcohol got me good and stupid and I wasn't the only one. There was much merriment and hilarity and spectacle making until we decided it was time to get something a little more substantial to eat than watermelon. Off to the Free State Brewery we went and then I had to scramble to make it to work on time.
Sunday I spent sleeping in and spending time with the husband and friends walking around the River Market and having lunch. I bought a fabulous vintage chair for my room which is almost done, we just have to lay the new floor and put the baseboards back up. Hopefully tomorrow night 'twill all be done.
This Saturday is the Psycho Psummer 50K, so I'm tapering and being really nervous about this race... my first official ultra. I'm having serious attacks of the butterfly stomach, so cross your fingers for me and send lots of energy to KC on Saturday morning!


Kim said...

Alas, you're back! Those are the best excuses out there..sorry-had to exercise! Love it! Good for you.

I'm jealous of you doing the Psyco Wyco 50K...I wanted to do it-then haven't been training so much for it-then I was going to do the 15 miler and went to sign up and it was $60 cuz I was late. Just can't do it unfortunately.

That's SOOO cool about your Mud Babe shirts-how fun!! And a watermelon birthday cake...can I be your friend?!

David Ray said...

What are these "books" of which you speak?

I'd love to see the vintage chair. My wife won't let me get any but I love the 50s/60s stuff.

I *really* want a surfboard-style coffee table.

Michelle J said...

Hi welcome back my running friend!! I am very impressed at all the racing you are doing!! Quite impressive! I have yet to do a race but i'm hoping to find one suitable for me!!! Hope your weekend is great!!

P.S. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog!