Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ode to my Shuffle

Alright so I definitely shuffle when I run, but this time I'm referring to my iPod shuffle. It took me awhile to break down and buy an MP3 player...after all I own a record store... MP3's are going to be the death of my business, and I wasn't sure I wanted to be any part of it! But then a friend was upgrading to the newest iPod and offered to sell me his older classic one for really cheap, I said yes, figuring I would only use it on road trips so we didn't have to haul tons of Cd's along. Bought it, loaded it up and started using it in the car... damn was I hooked. Tried running with it but it would freeze up sometimes, and I couldn't find an armband that find my arm, so I bought a shuffle. It is oh so tiny and cute and green and it held 10 hours worth of music! It easily clips onto my hat, or shirt BUT the absolute best part about it, is that there is no menu. No one can see what music I have on it short of listening to it all. This means I can load it up with the absolute guiltiest of music pleasures, no one can hear it and NO ONE KNOWS! I felt like I was set free! It was the same feeling when I moved into my very own apartment with no roommates... I could leave dirty underwear on the floor, and dance naked, I could eat a gallon of ice cream for breakfast, use the bathroom with the door open and pick my nose if I felt like it. WHOO-HOO! I still have my big iPod in the car with all my "cool" music that anyone can scroll through, but my dirty little secret iPod sits at home, just waiting for days that I run on the roads and need some ear porn to set me free.


Christy said...

Okay, I do the EXACT same thing with my shuffle. My Nano has all my regular listening music. My Shuffle (which I love because it is so freaking cute and tiny!) is full of the stuff I can only listen to a) when running or b) when alone in the car. with the windows rolled up.

Seriously, shuffles are brilliant.

David Ray said...

Okay, the ipod's cool and everything but, seriously, did we have to know all that other stuff?

Mental pictures seared into my brain.

Michelle J said...

Haha, great!! I must admit i have the ipod touch, very cool and i admit to the world that i have Neil Diamond on it!! :O)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah. let's see. last night i ran to edith piaf, the lonely goatherd, bollywood, and two versions of alouette.

i feel so dirty. glad you know you have the inner cheese in you. i find that running to stuff i like makes me run more slowly. if i run to cheesy stuff that makes me giggle, i run a little more perky like. hm.

Michelle J said...

Hello mud babe!! Whats up with the name change??? Love it though! It fits you i think!! I am glad you like my tattoo!!!
Thanks! Yeah i was crazy to run the day after surgery!! Big mistake on my part!! I had to take the next 2 days off!!! I still feel real tired though! :O))

Anonymous said...

where are you?

i run a tight ship when i choose.

Anonymous said...

i'll admit it.. i have britney spears on the ipod.. shameful shamefull.. but as a runner i have to put on some little feat (feet?) to balance it out

stud mudbabe