Thursday, February 21, 2008

chocolate chip cookie day

I don't eat cookies anymore but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the smell of them... on the backside of my run today it smelled like fresh baked chocolate cookies, yummm. Makes me miss them, kinda. It's been almost 1 year since I became a raw food-est and it's the idea of some foods that I still miss. I don't miss how I used to feel on a standard american diet, and I really love my fruits & veggies, but I think the textures are what get to me at times. It's a worthy trade off in my mind.. I wouldn't be running if it wasn't for my fuits & veggies!

It was lightly snowing and about 8 degrees this morning, I did a 5 mile loop and then came back and got Otis for another 1.3 miles. My shins were giving me some grief at points.. I've been trying to work on Chi-running, but it seems like since I started fucking with my form I've had problems. GRRR. Frustrating. I'm going to start doing some exercises for shin splints to see if that helps and switch up my shoes again..Stupid pavement running, I have no problems when I'm running on the trails... why can't I be rich enough to not have to work and have the time to run trails every day? I had my ipod on today and as I came around on my favourite section of the Hill, ELO's Mr. Blue Sky came on, of course it was anything but blue out, but that song always makes me smile and puts a spring in my step.

Had a yummy smoothie for breakfast: blended up a mango, peach, handful of blueberries and a pineapple ring. Yummo! The peach gave it a nice zing.

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