Monday, February 25, 2008

Yesterday was a great run! 16 miles at Wyco Park and I actually had people to run with this time! I don't mind running by myself, in fact I think I prefer it most of the time, but it sure was nice to have a bit of company. There was only 3 of us that showed up for the group run (Bad Ben, Gary & I ) so the guys were gracious enough to run slow with me. There was a lot of great conversation and those guys have a ton of hilarious stories.. Ben's description of the aftermath of his first marathon actually had me stopped, holding my guts I was laughing so hard. The day was beautiful, sunny, and in the upper 20s, and we had gotten a few inches of snow the night before. There was a ton of animal tracks and everything was so peaceful. I could have run for days in conditions like that..
I probably should have eaten some breakfast since I felt like I ran out of gas pretty quick and I was totally dehydrated. I had been out at a smoky bar the night before so my lungs were not very happy with me either, but all in all it was not such a bad run, the company made it go by real quick.

Saturday night was fun, dinner out and then karaoke for T & V's birthday, I don't sing but I sure enjoy the people watching at the Red Balloon. I didn't drink anything but I got to bed much later than I was planning on, and combined with having 2 glasses of red wine the night before I was feeling a little rough on Sunday morning when the alarm went off at 6 am. So when I got back from the run I just spent the day lazing around on the couch with the dog and DH. We watched a few episodes of Dead Like Me and the Oscars and hit the sack.

Today is a day off from running.. did about 40 minutes of Pilates mat work, which always makes me feel much better. Now if only I could get myself back on track and do it more than just a few days a week.

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