Friday, February 22, 2008

Yippee Friday!

I got off the Hill today... I needed some new scenery and I knew the park trails were going to be way too slick so I drove down to the Trolley Track Trail. With the word "trail" in the name, the first time I ran it I was hoping for unpaved.. at the very least crushed rock, but nope this is a suburban paved trail that stretches about 10 miles through part of Kansas City, Mo. It's pretty much flat and there are some dodge cars sections like the 2 places where the trail abruptly ends and you have to cut through a couple very busy parking lots to get to the next stretch, but it works for something different. Today the trail was snow packed for about 1/2 and really icy & rutted for the other half. I did some walking to avoid some falling.
Today was 8 easy miles, I was feeling a bit nervous since my shins were hurting quite a bit yesterday, but today I had no problems. I wore my old Ryka $30 cheapo running shoes that feel like slippers... I never had any problems in these.. why did I feel like I needed to go to the running store and get "fit" for new ones? I now have like 5 pairs of different (expensive) shoes (Brooks, Asics, New Balance, more Asics, Montrails) that give me problems. What the Hell? I guess maybe I'll stick with my cheapo ones until I can come up with an extra million dollars so I can keep experimenting! The only time I want a dreadmill is when new shoe buying, it sure would be nice to put a few miles in and be able to take them back if they suck.

I stopped by Costco on my way back from the run and picked up more Cara Cara oranges and so for lunch I pretty much finished off another 8 lb bag. I guess all the vitamin C has helped because I didn't get the flu from DH. Tonight we're going bowling with some friends.. I haven't been in like a bazillion years so I'm looking forward to doing something different. We all have the winter blahs so I've been trying to come up with new & exciting stuff to keep us all semi-sane. We got tickets the other day to see the Police & Elvis Costello at the Sprint Center... whoo-hoo! The price was not so whoo-hoo... $85 each, not including Ticketbastard charges. Normally we wouldn't pay that much for a show.. but the Police & EC are favourites. We also need to keep reminding ourselves to take advantage of living in a city where we can do stuff, since we are hoping (fingers crossed) to be not living in a big city come next year at this time. If only immigration would hurry the heck up and let us know what is going on!

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