Thursday, May 15, 2008

I want my $200 back!

So we saw Elvis Costello & the Police at the $print Center on Tuesday night... and it kinda blew ass. It was our first time at the $print Center and we were completely underwhelmed. Why, oh Why, when they are building these new arenas do they not consider that bands will be playing these places and do something with the acoustics? The sound was so bad for Elvis that at times I was wondering just what the hell he was playing! It was better for the Police but not fabulous... the sound guy should be dragged out in the street and shot, that's for sure. The Police seemed to be just going through the motions, played all the hits but they did do some great versions and some of Andy Summers solos were amazing. I wish I could say something about the Elvis set, but other than Sting coming out and singing with him on Allison, I couldn't hear shit so nothing to say, which sucks 'cause I LOVE that man! We forked out $100 a seat and our seats were pretty crappy, I can't imagine how bad the nosebleed seats are! I give the evening a B.... hanging out with good friends always makes things better and even if the sound wasn't up to par, live music is great! I probably won't go see another show at the $print Center anytime soon though.. unless the tickets are free!


Kim said...

I heard the same about the sound from a friend of mine that went. Good friends always make things better!

Anonymous said...

you scared me. i thought the bands were what made you want your refund.

that's a shame about the arena.

i haven't been to a concert in ages. i think i see the moolah and the arenas and say... no.


Strawberry Hill Runner said...

Yep Katie... I think this was my last big show for a very long time. I really prefer shows in small, dark, smoky venues! Well OK, maybe not the smoky part anymore, but rock n roll is not supposed to be family friendly and make you take out a second mortgage to pay for it!