Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

I took Sunday and Monday off of running to just relax.. I wasn't sore but I felt tired, so I went hiking with the dog instead. Otis just loves to snuffle through the trees and hang out in any water or mud he finds. I wish he could run further so I could bring him on runs but he poops out after 1 mile. We are going to do the Dog n Jog in June but just the 2 mile walk... the Husband said no running and since we're going to wear costumes it's probably for the best.

Tuesday I went out with Ben & Christy and we finished taking down all the signage from the course, a lot of it was already done but we got the rest and picked up some trash along the way too. I think the only runner related trash I found was a gu packet... the cigarette packets and beer cans I'll attribute to non- runners... although I could be wrong!

Yesterday & today I just did a few easy miles on the road, there is a 10K trail race on Saturday so I'll just kinda take it easy till then, I'm going to squeeze in some Pilates tonight and tomorrow and see how things go on Saturday. Dad has already challenged me to another marathon.. this time he wants it on his turf! We're going to do the Discovery Trail Marathon on Sept 1st in Colorado Springs.. he figures he can beat me 'cause I'm not used to the altitude anymore and he trains on that trail pretty much everyday. We'll see! I also told him to put Feb 7th on his calender, I think I'm going to try & shoot for Rocky Raccoon as my 1st 100... (I'm putting it out here so I can't chicken out!). Dad owes me for years of crewing for his ultras so now I'm going to take my revenge! <>


T Z said...

I love the word "snuffle"! Is that when a dog shuffles through the leaves sniffing for all kinds of new smells? Works for me!

Good on ya for picking us litter stuff on the trails. No beer cans can be blamed on me (at least this time!)

I'll be there at RR100 next Feb. I DNF'd there last year, just sitting on my patootie after 80 miles and quitting. I beat myself up for quitting like that. I was close on the time limit, but I would have had Uno pacing for me and I always pick it up a little when the sun comes up.

So now, I have a revenge factor that should help me get the job done.

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

Sweet! Let's make a deal.. if I see you sitting on your butt just being lazy I'll put my foot up yer ass and get you moving and you do the same for me.. deal?

And yes, that's the definition of snuffle.. my Otis has a big nose too so it's really noisy.

Kim said...

Oh yes, do Rocky as your first 100! I will be back for revenge for being a wimp on the course in 2008!