Tuesday, May 13, 2008

People are dumb!

So this morning on my run as I'm coming up a hill on 9th street and a guy is coming down the hill... in the middle of the road on his cell phone. He's dressed like he should be running or doing something athletic, but he's strolling down the middle of the road, talking... make that yelling, into his cellphone. I'm watching as a car gets closer and closer to him and finally I yell out CAR! No response, keeps strolling down the hill.... some people are just fucking hopeless.

This week and last week have been silly busy... too many weddings and shows and just general crap to do. The older I get, the less I like going out every day of the week. Tonight we're going to see the Police & Elvis Costello at the Sprint Center... I'm so excited I could pee! Elvis puts on the best show and I can't wait to see the Police. Husband is really excited since he had tix to see the Police on the Synchronicity tour, drove 10 hours to Sydney and ended up getting in a fight with his girlfriend on the way and didn't go. He's kicked himself ever since. I'll try not to fight with him on the way there.. luckily it's only a 10 minute drive.
The picture is from my friend Heather's wedding, there was a big window in the 2nd floor ladies room and we were all hanging out the window catcalling scantily clad women on their way to a party across the street... cheap entertainment... a little bit of booze, a bunch of girls and a window. Who knew it could be so much fun...even the bride was doing it! Thanks to my friend Toast for playing paparazzi!

On Friday night I went to a bachelorette party for yet another friend getting married... I had never been to one before... all my other friends either hadn't had one or just had co-ed parties. It was really interesting to be part of that "girl zoo" as my friend Kaite puts it. I'm going to start keeping a white feather boa and tiara in my car permanently, because guys will give up their table at a crowded bar for a bachelorette party... who knew! We even got kicked out of a bar! It was fun but I much prefer the kind of last fling party I had... husband & I and our 4 closest friends in the presidential suite of a swanky hotel, drinking and eating pizza all night. Perfect.

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T Z said...

Sounds lik a party Ida liked to crash! ;)