Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Dear Dad
I know over the years there have been many times that we have butted heads and not gotten along but through it all you've always been there for me and I want to say thanks for always being a dad I can rely on. You've taught me to work hard, never quit and always, always do the best possible job with a positive attitude. Thanks for being so supportive, no matter what I chose to do, it's always helped knowing that I could try anything and you (and mom) always had my back. Thanks for kicking my ass when I needed it & saving my ass when I needed it. Thanks for not abandoning me when I was being an awful brat... say from age 12 onwards. Thanks for putting a roof over my head, food on the table and never letting me truly want for anything.
You're my hero, teacher & friend... thanks for everything.
All my love-
Your daughter

P.S Thanks for the running thing.. even though I didn't appreciate it growing up and thought you were a freak for doing it...I get it now. So thanks for the running DNA.


Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

Those Leadville shirts are sweet! Nice Geo Metro too! I'm not kidding either- thats a cool pic.

T Z said...

Great post, CMB. I would love to get my boys into running with me. I do have 2 nephews whom I have turned into trail junkies, and it's great.

Travis said...

Two things...

#1 Blossom called and wanted her hat back.


#2 My father used to always carry around a big ass mug like that all the time...but he wasn't a runner. Usually it was filled with iced tea, but sometimes I'd take a sip and it would be "spiked" lemonade.

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

I wish I still had that car.. it got amazing gas mileage and was super reliable.. go figure! My purple sparkly Leadville shirt rocked! That was my thanks for helping crew.

TZ- It only took me years and years to get into running, so there's hope for your boys.. someday they too just might "get it".

I'd like to see pictures of you circa 1991...
Dad is a caffeine junkie.. so his mug was always filled with Tab or Diet Coke.

Travis said...


Try this one:

or maybe this one, with my mullet:

or this is a personal favorite:

David Ray said...

"Blossom called . . ."


So you're saying my kids probably think I'm a freak. I think that's what you said.

Nice post. Makes for a proud dad.

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

Alright Travis.. I laughed my ass off at the mullet.. and then I spent way too much time looking at your other pictures and I could make all sorts of rude comments, but I'm feeling nice... your kid is awfully cute, I want to pinch his rosy little cheeks.