Friday, June 6, 2008

Rabid Squirrel!

I've been running on the roads a lot these past 2 weeks since I just haven't really had the time (or gas money) to hit the trails. So I've been doing loops of Strawberry Hill and on this one corner resides a squirrel that is either flirting with me or rabid. The poor guy has run over my foot 3 times in the past couple of weeks and then he runs partway up a telephone pole and chatters at me. I'm either going to end up bitten or carried off by the little guy.

2 days of racing this weekend! (kinda) Saturday is race #2 in the Rock Creek series out at Lake Perry, a 10 miler. This time I'm really hoping to not put my car in a ditch and not get lost. I don't really like DNF's. (feel free to read about my last experience here) I have however learned my lesson and I'm carrying a waterbottle even though there are aid stations and its only 10 miles. Hell I might even bring a map and a compass too!
Sunday is the Dog N Jog on the Plaza. Otis, Husband & I will be doing the 2 mile walk. Many people will be racing it, we will be hoping for a triumphant finish. Triumphant meaning Otis doesn't wuss out early from the heat, drop a big crap in the middle of the course or eat a little dog. It's a fundraiser for the Humane Society and it'll be a really good time. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a cool morning, since the Otis is a very large, very hairy black dog and hence doesn't do so well when it gets steamy out.

Next Saturday is the Pod Trod out at Clinton Lake and is bound to be an absolute riot! I'm pretty much guaranteed to get hopelessly lost and covered in mud. Check out the details and if you're in KC, you really should come out and join us, it will be insanely fun. And anyway who can pass up a watermelon feast after the race?? If only there was a watermelon eating contest... that's something I KNOW I can win!

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Michelle J said...

I love that photo!!! Sounds like your running is amazing!!! I've never run on trails! I am about to get dressed for my run, its almost 80 degrees here! UGH!!!