Monday, June 9, 2008

Sex, Trails & Dogs

I started my weekend out right by taking Friday off work entirely and having a fabulous lunch at Eden Alley with my friend Becky. We were lucky enough to snag the last outdoor table, and since we had a bit of a "cold" front move in the weather was a perfect mid 70's! Eden Alley is about the only resteraunt in KC that serves raw dishes... it's so nice to go to a place and be able to order straight from the menu without any "please no cheese, please no dressing, please no animal pieces or parts" stuff.
After that we went and watched the Sex & the City movie... we used to watch the show together when it was originally on so we HAD to go see the movie. It was fairly predictable but a good way to totally end things and it was a lot of fun to have a totally girly afternoon. The evening was spent helping husband put up a new ceiling in "my" room... that part wasn't so fun, but had to be done.

Saturday morning was the 2nd race in the Rock Creek Series at Lake Perry. This time it was a 10 miler and I ran it with fellow Mud Babe Christy and had a great time. We talked endlessly and probably had too good of a time. I was told after the race that I could be heard all over the course laughing and talking. Yes, I kinda have a loud mouth. Christy's knee was giving her grief so we just took it easy. Thankfully due to our easy pace we did not get lost this time!! There was 2 spots that we could have gone off course easily but due to our hyper vigilance we were OK. Christy is a Colorado girl also so we have a lot in common and it turns out she's also a belly dancer! Hot damn! She's going to teach me... I've always wanted to learn, but I truly have my doubts that my hips will ever move like that! Dirty Girl Gaiters were the oh-so-fashionable accessory of the day.

Sunday was the Dog n Jog fund raiser for the Humane Society. Christy & Greg joined us with Leila, Christy's gorgeous golden retriever. We've been lucky enough to have Leila stay with us before and Otis is very fond of her. The "race" itself was kinda boring, it was just a few loops around 2 blocks on the Plaza, but seeing all the hundreds of dogs and trying to avoid all the piles of poop made it kinda exciting. We actually DNF'd the 2 miler.... Otis decided he was too darn hot after a mile and 1/2, so he found a bit of shade, flopped down, and wouldn't move anymore. He revived considerably after being offered ice cream cones. There was a whole bunch of Great Danes running around so we had the chance to talk to a bunch of other owners and have a bit of a "big dog" convention.
We finished off the day by hanging more drywall... buzzkill... but it's all up now. Mudding, taping & sanding is next and this is where I bow out for awhile. I'll jump back into the process when it comes to painting.


Anonymous said...

Funny, on Thursday I ate at Eden Alley and then saw SATC next door. We had the same day on different days!

Anonymous said...

You're getting tan! Sounds like a perfect weekend...except for the drywall.

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

Great minds think alike Twitt... I guess that's why we're friends!

... and V, I'm sure my tan is nowhere near yours Miss I-just-spent-a-week- at-the-ocean!

Anonymous said...

cute shoe skirts (a rose by any other name...)

that's the best photo. it's G.I. Kitty.

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

Shoe skirts.. love it! Sounds much nicer than gaiters. We're in Kansas we don't have gators here

David Ray said...

Otis rocks.

And I have gaiters, not shoe skirts, thank you very much.