Sunday, March 2, 2008


What a bliss full day! I decided last night that I needed to spend today with my family and skip the long group run this morning, even though it was going to be a glorious day. DH & I slept in and enjoyed some morning nookie... my getting up early and running has really cut into our morning sex routine! After a tasty fruit smoothie for breakfast we loaded Otis into the car and took him to the dog park... the good dog park... the one with the lake! It was a balmy 70 degrees (!) and sunny with some strong wind, but glorious none the less. Otis had such a good time running around being sociable with all the other dogs, he doesn't swim but he gets in the water up to his "knees" and roams around. He also likes to break up fights between other dogs, he acts just like a dad. He gets all the love where ever we go due to his size, I swear, I should have gotten a Great Dane when I was single! We bugged out when the unfixed dogs started showing up. Otis is fixed (of course) but he has a wee problem with unfixed males.
As we got into our car, a beautiful collie dog got in with us and jumped right on top of Otis and sat on him in the backseat. We laughed and looked around for the owners but no one seemed to be looking for him. I roamed around a bit and asked but he didn't seem to belong to anyone, so finally we coaxed him out of the car and he immediately took off running.... right into the street he went.. so now there are a bunch of us trying to catch him, but he took off really fast into the woods... poor baby, I hope he finds his family.
From the park we went to the pet store to let Otis pick out a new "baby". He loves his squeaky stuffed animals, but they only last so long... after a few weeks of loving it gently, we'll come home to carnage... fluffy guts all over the house. I also got him a new leash that I think will be better for running, Tuesday we'll test it out and see.

Then we went home and I cleaned up a bit.. I find it really hard to clean when the weather is yucky, so come spring I'm all about the super clean, organized house! Did some laundry, ate a big salad for dinner, finished off season 1 of "Dead Like Me" and now it's raining and the temps are dropping, but I think I can handle the snow tomorrow... I feel like I had my batteries recharged. All in all it was a great day with my wonderful husband and great dog.


Anonymous said...

1) have you tried dr noys? something like that. you can put more squeekies in. won't last, but cheaper than new ones and can put MORE in. always fun.

2) offer sweaty sex. at least you go on record as having offered even if he's screaming and running away. mark does that to me.

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

I've been trying to be so considerate.. but to hell with it! I'm going to chase him around the house with my sweaty self... it'll be the best of both worlds, either he'll get his exercise from running away or we'll both get some! Thanks for the advice! (both the bedroom kind and the dog kind which are completely exclusive)