Saturday, March 15, 2008

SXSW (sniff)

Just a small note to say that I should be at SXSW right now.... that's 2 years in a row that I have had a pass and didn't go. DUMBASS! This year I voluntarily gave up my pass so I shouldn't really be upset but I am still feeling kind of sad. Of course it's also cold, rainy and snowed a bit here so I'm probably just feeling sad for some warm Texas weather. Today I am going to attempt to do 10 miles and hope the knee holds up, tomorrow is a 17 mile Clinton Lake run. Icing and Advil!

NRL season started and DH's Sharks won their first game, my Dragons have yet to play. We always bet on the games, but this year we bet on the whole season.. but I can't tell you what the winner gets... I'll leave it to your imagination. If we could get the games on TV we might actually break down and get cable.. but alas... it's America and dog forbid that someone should actually care about what goes on in other countries! /snark.

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Anonymous said...

my husband just saw the qld reds play. he doesn't follow rugby (he's an aussie), but his friend (a pom) does.

i don't get it. i don't follow rugby, afl, or grid iron. now, i have to snark back a bit. australia doesn't believe in the winter olympics unless it's alissa (sp?) campbell. as a lover of all things fast, downhill, on skis (and someone else risking their life), i am very sad. sniff. i also barrack (or root) for the boys from germany and austria. sigh.

you should follow Get Fuzzy. the cartoonist loves rugby. even had the haka in his strip.