Friday, March 28, 2008

Corn! and Sun! and Corn!

I had a great fucking run today.. I swear I must be solar powered. The last thing I wanted to do when I got up this morning was run, but then the sun came out and I figured I should put a couple miles on my NEW shoes before tomorrow. So I reluctantly dragged my ass out the door, no real destination or mileage in mind. I'm bored with my neighborhood so I decided to break out and cross the state line... it was time to run in Miss-our-ah. Luckily I only live a mile or so from the border, so it's really not that hard. I took the pedestrian bridge under the highway and over the river and hit the West Bottoms, which is a yucky industrial area that is slowly being taken over by art studios and lofts.. unfortunately where I was running was not the art fag area. I wandered throughsome shady areas and got lots of "what tha?" looks.. I guess the truckers aren't used to seeing a girl in bright pink shoes running through the area! Found my way to the City Market and did a couple of laps through there. I was feeling great and loving the sunshine and my new shoes.. did I mention I got new shoes? Thank you Dad & REI.
On my way home as I was crossing the pedestrian bridge that takes me back into Kansas.. I heard this loud boom and at the end of the bridge it looked like it had started raining. As I got a bit closer it turns out a semi had over turned trying to get on the highway and spilled his corn kernel load.. I was about 3 minutes from being buried in corn kernels! It was about knee deep as I waded through and watched as the fire trucks & ambulances started arriving. Crazy! If I hadn't taken a wrong turn at one point I probably would have been right underneath! Disaster narrowly averted. I got back having done a bit over 9 miles and I feel fan-fucking-tastic. Obviously my cold only lasted a day YIPPEE!!
Now I have some shopping to do and then later a "Congratulations you fucking quit that hell hole that is Sprint" party to go to for my friend. She's starting her own personal chef company, and since she's such a great cook, I know she's going to be uber-successful at it.


Travis said...

Dude, no offense, but you really need to quit causing so many accidents on the highways...quit running topless!!!

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

No, no.. the problem is I've been running with my strap-on dildo on.. that's what's causing the accidents!

Travis said...

Wow...and here I thought *I* was taking it a bit far... :)

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

Is there such thing as "too far"? Don't you know me by know?

Venus said...

OMG! Why didn't you tell me about the corn??? I could have been laughing about that all weekend!You're on your way to 6 kinds of crazy girl.
Thank again for everything.
Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

be glad it wasn't pigs.

oooh, or how about popcorn? you could stick your tongue out and get all the popcorn. oh oh oh, or pop rocks! so many other ideas. keep running that route. you're bound to start something.

wayne carey was on andrew denton last night. he's all class. he'd never look good in your cute shoes.

Timothy Chen Allen said...

I liked the comment about running into the neighboring state. One of the reasons I love running in Washington, DC is that you can easily do a route that runs through the District, Maryland, and Virginia in less than ten miles.

I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for writing.