Saturday, March 22, 2008

sloppy slidey lovely mud

One of my uber talented friends was nice enough to draw up a super cool design for Sophia & I for Brew to Brew. I'm so lucky to have talented friends that are kind enough to share their talents with me. Travis Fox does hilarious comics for the KC Star, spot on political rants and has great taste in music. I'm so excited to see how this looks on some shirts!

It was a great run today, we did 20 out at Clinton Lake again. I really just love those trails, I can't wait for the race! There was a big turnout this morning and we even had an additional 4 women! They didn't go the full distance but it was nice to see some other ladies on the trail.. especially funny ones that gave as good as they got. There was plenty talk about faux lesbianism, cocks, certain runner harassment, and mud... plenty of ooey gooey mud. I had forgotten it poured rain all day Monday so things were still pretty wet out there. By the end Greg was stomping in mud puddles hard enough to soak everyone. It was pretty hilarious. I felt pretty good, and it seemed like we were moving along at a pretty good clip, I haven't compared my Garmin data to other runs but it felt quick today. Took a couple of S-caps and maybe that helped contribute to my feeling so good. My toes didn't fare quite as well, I really have to get this blister issue under control... it's the same two toes every time... Once my shoes dry out I'm going to try the lacing style that Ben recommends... I'm hoping it'll help! If I could get my knee & toe problems under control, I'll be golden!
On my drive home I saw I terrible accident..SUV lost control, went off the highway and up a hill and ended up flipping all the way over, first time I've had to call 911 in ages. I didn't stop since the 5 cars in front of me were pulling over and since I have no first aid training I figured I'd just be in the way. I really hope the person(s) are OK. Made me slow down a bit and call DH and tell him I loved him.


Travis said...

Whoa! What happened to the colors?! Unless you guys (gals) are running in blue mud?!

(It's nice to know you were totally going to slow down and do something at that accident scene. I do the very same thing when I see something like a horrible car wreck, and am usually out the door before I realize, "What am I going to do when I get up to the car?!")

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

I don't know what happened to the colour when I posted it.. What did you do to it??

I really want to get some first aid training so at least I can be somewhat helpful.. not that I want to come across a lot of accidents or anything but...