Monday, March 17, 2008


Yesterday at Clinton Lake there was a Nerd party on the trails! Got there at 7:15 and met up with 5 others to do 17 miles. It was chilly and overcast but not bad, the knee was feeling pretty good (thank you advil!) but I ran pretty cautiously for the first few miles... I also had to pause and give the rocks I fell on last week the middle finger. The run included the usual mix of silly stories, dirty jokes and good knowledge. A few miles in we ran into 4 other nerds, they had had already done a lap! There was a bit of socializing and picture taking and then we went our separate ways. One of the guys in the group had just done his first 100 at Rocky and finished in 20 hours.. YIPE! I can only dream about that, but since I don't actually do any speed work, that's all it will be.. dreams. The knee started talking to me the last few miles, so I was glad to see the cars (the mud the last few miles didn't help either).

When I got home DH was just getting home from rock practice and we decided to treat ourselves and hit the Bluebird Bistro. It was the first time we'd gone on a Sunday and it was packed! Unfortunately we ended up with the horrible waiter that I had just been bitching about a few hours before during the run. DAMN. We waited forever for our food, but no big deal since it was busy and we were people watching and talking. At one point a group of girls randomly broke into song, and oddly enough they sang a bit of "Strawberry Fields Forever", which just happens to be my DH's most favourite song ever.
Sadly, when our food finally arrived it was pretty freakin' awful. We thought about sending it back but by this time we were starving and didn't want to wait another 40 minutes for our waiter to check back with us, so we ate it anyway. Between the crappy food, dirty utensils that I had to keep sending back, and in-attentive waiter, it wasn't the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. If it had been the first time we'd been there, it would have been the last time too. It just taught us not to go back at "brunch" time.
We finished off the day by watching "No Country for Old Men" and "Dan in Real Life". No Country was good, Dan was OK. I found myself going back over bits of No Country in my head all day today, I think I like it even better today than yesterday.


Ben, aka BadBen said...

Bad wait service pisses me off. Bad food is even worse.

I really liked favorite film from last year. Some spooky things to think about, though.

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

I loved the non Hollywood ending.. pretty refreshing that it wasn't all tied up neatly with a pretty bow.

Anonymous said...

excellent movie. that and There Will Be Blood. like jon stewart said, thank god for knocked up 16 year olds. funny, it was a good year for films. now i'm in a rut. nuthin on.

oh, and isn't javier bardem a hottie?!?!