Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

Sophia named our Brew to Brew team"Bad Ben's Mud Babes" Hilarious! Brilliant!
I was a bit of a mud babe today.. did a loop out at Wyco Park and it was almost too hot! Almost! I was silly enough to wait until midday to run.. at the hottest point of the day, but I wanted to wear just a skirt and tank to run in.. that's it, that's all... OK, well that and my pack with water, dates, phone, keys, camera & iPod. I felt like a pack camel today! I don't usually carry my camera since it's not small and light nor do I usually run with my iPod on the trails but for some reason I took it today. It was a fabulous day, and surprise, surprise it wasn't very muddy!!! I acted like a little kid today and just had a great time running around, taking pictures, and dancing on the trails.... it made up for the last wretched time I ran out there. The park was packed with people but I had the trails to myself until the very end when I ran into a guy carrying a huge frame backpack wearing flip flops (?) Things that make you go HMMMMM. Most everybody else was either fishing or playing on the playgrounds, I did have to watch a bit more carefully on some of the road crossings since all the roads are now open.
My iPod quit at about 4 miles but I'm really glad it did, otherwise I would have missed the million croaking frogs at about mile 5.. it really sounded like summer. Unfortunately the weather isn't supposed to hold.. Saturday in the 50s, Sunday in the 40s. I'm hoping that the trails at Shawnee Mission will be open tomorrow, I'd really like to do a few loops out there.

I picked up a pair of Injinji socks at Gary Gribbles on the recommendation of pretty much everyone and amazingly they fit! I had been holding off getting any because I have such small feet & toes I thought there was no way they would work, but yippee skippee they do! Ran in them today and had no blister problems, and got them all muddy. I think I'll go back tomorrow and pick up a few more pairs.. maybe in black this time.

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